A person’s physical health literally affects several facets in one’s life. Our health focus is going to be around improving access to quality health care for all East Biloxi residents, promoting public health through prevention and provide East Biloxi residents with the information and health education needed to increase awareness and promote healthy behaviors.

We will improve access to healthcare by signing people up for the Affordable Care Act, partnering with providers in East Biloxi to expand hours, and by having multi-lingual tools to communicate with non-English speaking patients. We will also focus our efforts on educating and informing residents of the different career paths in the medical field. Lastly, we will begin to create a culture of health by creating opportunities for East Biloxi residents to engage in physical activities, host health fairs and, healthy eating seminars.

This past year we hosted two very successful events: a health fair in conjunction with Coastal Women for Change’s school supply giveaway and an East Biloxi Outdoor Games Festival.

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Want to help us with our Health Initiative?  Contact EBCC today

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Want to help us with our Health Initiative?  Contact EBCC today

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