Economic security is the condition of having stable income or other resources to support a standard of living now and in the foreseeable future. Many of the residents of East Biloxi don’t live in an economically secure state. We have identified 5 areas of need to achieve this: workforce development, workforce support, improved job quality, increased entrepreneurship and an increased investment in public and private funds into the area.

We will try to bring the residents to a more economically secure state by promote education and training programs for East Biloxi residents to support their employment goals, ensure East Biloxi residents are receiving all entitlements/benefits for which they are eligible to increase discretionary income (ie, EITC/VITA), and by identifying opportunities for social entrepreneurship.

Last but not least we will gather data on East Biloxi’s current employers, and on East Biloxi’s adult residents regarding their employment status and education level. We will also conduct focus groups with East Biloxi’s adult residents to determine their employment goals/aspirations. We will also do some advocacy work around CDBG federal funds for community development and restored funding for social service organizations.

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