East Biloxi In Motion:  Our Road to Health & Prosperity

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The road nightmare – that’s what many East Biloxi residents call it. Heavy rains earlier this week turning the construction into a flood zone. And now a survey just released regarding health concerns and other issues related to the ongoing infrastructure project. The East Biloxi Community Collaborative says 96 percent of respondents reported experiencing health symptoms.

A Community-Driven Response to the Restore Biloxi Infrastructure Program

roadworkThe East Biloxi Community Collaborative launched an organizing effort to engage community leaders, businesses, and residents that own businesses, attend church, manage organizations, or live within the North Contract area of the Restore Biloxi Infrastructure Repair Program. The goal of this effort is to gather feedback from businesses and residents about the impact of the program, organize a community-driven action campaign, and ultimately accomplish a community-driven response to the ongoing road construction in the North Contract area.

North Contract Overview and Progress

divisionstreetThe North Contract, which encompasses all of the area that is north of the railroad tracks in East Biloxi from Forrest Avenue to the Point, is a FEMA-funded project to replace the old storm drains, sewer lines, and water mains. Unfortunately, the contracting company, Oscar Renda Contracting, has made the decision to tear up all of the streets inside the contract area at one time.  Some measures have been taken by the city, such as temporary pavement of a portion of the streets, that provide relief to the community, but many residents and business still suffer as a result of this program.

A Business Issue Too

Not only is the road project an issue for health and quality of life, but it is an issue for business owners in the area too. This organizing effort wishes to help the business community as well as the residential community document the impact of the program and provide the space and resources to identify and implement solutions and strategies for collective action

Documenting Impact & Making Complaints

To send a complaint to the design engineer over your area:

  • Determine which area of the North Contract your residence or business is located in.
  • Use the contact information provided to make your complaint known to the design engineer.
  • Make sure to keep track of the date of your complaint as well as any documentation you have compiled.

To make an additional complaint to Oscar Renda Contracting:

  • Oscar Renda Contracting 270 Reynoir St. Biloxi, MS 39530                         (228) 207-3353

When you make a complaint, you will also need to file a police report.  Contact Biloxi PD:  (228) 435-6100

Currently Available Resources:

    • For weekly traffic updates:
      • biloxi.ms.us/traffic


    • For updates on the progress of the North Contract and the entire Restore Biloxi Infrastructure Program:
      • biloxi.ms.us.restore-biloxi
      • restorebiloxi.com


    • To speak up at City of Biloxi Council meetings:
      • Council meetings are held at Biloxi City Hall on the first, third, and fourth Tuesdays of every month.


  • Contact and/or visit your city council representatives:
    • Ward 1-George Lawrence (228) 547-5811
    • Ward 2-Felix Gines (228) 547-5815